Bedford, Methodist Circuit - Marriages

July 1837 to March 1901

Number Date Surname First Names Age Condition Profession Residence Father Father's occupation
26 December 1859 TIRRELL Samuel 27 Bachelor Blacksmith Yelden Samuel TIRRELL Blacksmith
WYLDES Elizabeth 31 Spinster   Yelden William WYLDES Retired grocer
1 February 1860 QUARRY William 23 Bachelor Engine driver Aspley Guise John QUARRY Farm labourer
CARRIER Eliza 21 Spinster     Joseph CARRIER Gardener
16 April 1860 BROWN William Brewer 33 Bachelor Smith Potton William Brewer BROWN Patternmaker
ELLIS Kitty Frances 37 Spinster   Peterborough William ELLIS  
12 September 1860 SKINNER Josiah 24 Bachelor Labourer Albert St, Bedford William SKINNER Labourer
BROWN Amelia 22 Spinster   Bedford William BROWN Gardener
21 January 1862 HUMPHREYS William 62 Widower Stone mason 81 Grey Friars Walk John HUMPHREYS Cordwainer
COOPER Eliza 44 Widow   81 Grey Friars Walk William ABBOTT Tailor
14 April 1862 PAYNE John 21 Bachelor Cabinet maker Hassett Street, Bedford Joseph PAYNE Painter
SWANSON Sarah 24 Spinster   Hassett Street, Bedford Thomas SWANSON Smith
7 October 1862 BARNES James 37 Widower Bank manager March, Cambridgeshire Joseph BARNES Grocer & draper
COOPER Eliza 33 Spinster   Bedford Richard COOPER Wesleyan minister
21 October 1862 CHAMBERLAIN Andrew 29 Bachelor Boot & shoe maker Bedford Thomas CHAMBERLAIN Boot maker
SOUTHWELL Amy Catharine 29 Spinster   Bedford George SOUTHWELL Cooper
27 October 1862 PAYNE George 31 Bachelor Labourer Bedford William PAYNE Carrier
RUTLAND Louisa Full Spinster   Bedford Robert RUTLAND Labourer
25 December 1862 MEAD Matthew 24 Bachelor Machine maker Bedford Matthew MEAD Labourer
HANDS Sarah Elizabeth Mary 24 Spinster   [no?] Bedford James HANDS Poulterer
3 March 1863 BELL John Samuel 27 Widower Bricklayer Bedford Samuel BELL Bricklayer
WETHERFIELD Sarah Jane 29 Spinster   Bedford James WETHERFIELD Labourer
3 April 1863 VALENTINE Albert 21 Bachelor Accountant Bedford James VALENTINE Tailor
IVETT Elizabeth 22 Spinster   Bedford John IVETT Brickmaker
9 July 1863 WALDEN George Enderby 23 Bachelor   Bedford    
THOMPSON Georgiana 23 Spinster   Bedford George THOMPSON Harrier
9 July 1863 FINCH William Rowe 30 Bachelor Coal merchant Bridgwater, Somerset William Bone? FINCH  
LEGGE Harriet Winter 29 Spinster   Bedford Thomas LEGGE Cabinet maker
6 August 1863 JELLY George 28 Bachelor Commercial traveller 65 Wellington Street, Bedford Henry Brazier
ALLISON Eliza 30 Spinster   24 Britannia Road, Bedford William Bootmaker (deceased)
12 October 1863 CHEW Joseph 50 Widower Labourer 56 Priory St, Bedford Thomas CHEW (deceased) Labourer
FISHER Martha 49 Widow   56 Priory St, Bedford Joseph LARMAN (deceased) Labourer
24 October 1864 BISHOP Henry 26 Bachelor Platelayer Cauldwell Street, Bedford Henry BISHOP Gardener
LARKINS Elizabeth 26 Spinster Domestic servant 60 St Johns Street, Bedford John LARKINS Labourer
3 November 1864 WATTS James 24 Widower Labourer Wilstead William WATTS Labourer
ABBOTT Lucy 28 Spinster   The Infirmary, Bedford John ABBOTT (deceased) Plowwright
26 December 1864 WHITE George 21 Bachelor Carpenter Cranfield Hugh WHITE Carpenter
HANDS Mary 22 Spinster Labourer Greenhill St, Bedford James HANDS Labourer
27 April 1865 CHRISTIAN Robert   Bachelor Farmer Ruskington, Lincolnshire Thomas CHRISTIAN Farmer
BROWN Sarah   Spinster   Willington, Bedfordshire Thomas BROWN Farmer
27 July 1865 WELLSLEY Arthur 26 Bachelor Bootmaker 10 Cauldwell Street William WELLSLEY deceased Horologist
LEGGE Emma Winter 27 Spinster   40 Conduit Street, Bedford Thomas LEGGE House agent
18 October 1865 ROSE William 25 Bachelor Groom Harpur Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire George ROSE Fishmonger
TOW Mary Ann 22 Spinster Domestic servant Marine Hotel, Worthing, Sussex Peter TOW Fishmonger
23 January 1866 KENT Thomas Henry 30 Bachelor Baker Gwyn Street, Bedford Henry KENT Baker
SAVAGE Mary Jane 25 Spinster   Britannia Road, Bedford John SAVAGE Clerk
15 May 1866 TACCHI Joseph Full Bachelor Plumber Bedford, Bedfordshire Joseph TACCHI Plumber
LETT Ruth Full Spinster   Bedford, Bedfordshire John LETT General dealer
17 May 1866 ROBBINS Albert 25 Bachelor Grocer Bedford James ROBBINS Bootmaker
HOPKINS Amelia 22 Spinster   44 Offa Street, Bedford Joseph HOPKINS  
The Certificate (18 April) gives the groom's residence as Watlington, Oxon
21 May 1866 FOUNTAIN Frederick 24 Bachelor Saddler Sharnbrook Joseph FOUNTAIN Saddler
WOODS Ann 22 Spinster   Bedford John WOODS  
26 June 1866 ODELL Thomas 26 Widower Cabinet maker Bedford St Peters Richard ODELL Coachmaker
WILDMAN Isabella 24 Spinster Dressmaker Clapham Isaac WILDMAN Shoemaker
The Certificate (June 1) gives the groom's residence as 5 Prebend Street, Bedford
14 August 1866 COVINGTON George 27 Bachelor Tailor 3 Midland Road, Bedford Robert COVINGTON deceased Policeman
DIXIE Donna Maria 26 Spinster   Potter St, Bedford Isaac DIXIE Spring maker
8 October 1866 COWERN John 25 Widower Writing clerk Wolverhampton, Staffordshire John COWERN Writing clerk
HOPKINS Agnes 24 Spinster   Bedford, Bedfordshire Joseph HOPKINS  
1 January 1867 BOTTRILL William 63 Widower Hawker St Cuthberts Street, Bedford Joseph BOTTRILL Framework knitter
GILL Sarah 51 Spinster Servant Kimbolton Road, Bedford James GILL Labourer
23 April 1867 ROSE Frederick 23 Bachelor Rural messenger Harpur Street, Bedford George ROSE Fishmonger
CHAMBERLIN Sarah 20 Spinster Domestic servant 7 Canning Street, Bedford James CHAMBERLIN Labourer
13 August 1867 HELSON Thomas 27 Bachelor Tailor Liverpool John HELSON (deceased) Farmer
CURTIS Jane 22 Spinster   Bedford John CURTIS Coal merchant
1 September 1867 DAWSON Charles 23 Bachelor Shoemaker High Street, Bedford David DAWSON Ostler
PENNEY Mary Ann 25 Spinster   High Street, Bedford Charles PENNEY Basket maker
8 September 1867 HARTLEY Ashley 28 Bachelor Sergeant 82nd Reg't Foot Harpur St, Bedford James HARTLEY Tailor
FRANKS Sarah Ann 23 Spinster   Priory Terrace, Bedford James GOODMAN Labourer
1 January 1868 BURDETT Dixon 25 Bachelor Coachman Belsize Mews, Belsize Park, Hamstead, London John BURDETT Shoe maker
WRIGHT Charlotte 26 Spinster   Bedford No parents living No parents living
14 January 1868 STURGES Joseph Henry 22 Bachelor Grocer Kettering Joseph STURGES Grocer
PEET Martha Ann 22 Spinster     John PEET Tailor
8 December 1868 ALLEN William Alexander 20 Bachelor Chimney sweep 44 Offa Street, Bedford Charles ALLEN Wheelwright
CHESSUM Mary Ann 23 Spinster   53 Tavistock Street, Bedford James CHESSUM Butcher
14 January 1869 FORD Arthur 21 Bachelor Moulder in iron works 38 Cauldwell St William FORD Miller
PRIOR Mary Taylor 25 Spinster   13 Silver St William PRIOR China dealer
28 January 1869 WOODS Prior Martin 27 Bachelor Store keeper at iron works Somerstown??   Malster
COPE Mary 26 Spinster   Somerstown??   Thatcher
29 January 1869 CHERRY James 61 Widower Porter at the Railway Goods Station 7 Little Butts St William CHERRY Labourer
GOMM Sarah 45 Spinster   Conduit St Thomas GOMM Basket maker
17 February 1869 WICKS Charles 29 Bachelor Farmer Hargrave John WICKS Farmer
WILLIAMSON Rachel 23 Spinster   Sharnbrook William Coleman WILLIAMSON Shepherd
The GRO Index gives the groom's first names as Charles Albert
28 February 1869 SHARP Frederick 23 Bachelor Shoemaker 41 Hassett St, Bedford John SHARP Brewer
MYERS Mary Ann 20 Spinster   Cauldwell St George MYERS Publican
6 April 1869 SOURCE James 23 Bachelor Ironmonger   Thomas SOURCE Smith
HOPKINS Eunice 23 Spinster   44 Offa Street Joseph HOPKINS Chimney sweeper
12 August 1869 RICHARDSON Alfred George 22 Bachelor Tailor 3 Queen St    
WESTROPE Jane 24 Spinster   Hassett St James WESTROPE Sausage maker
12 August 1869 PAYNE William 26 Bachelor   11 Patteshall St William PAYNE Shoemaker
STONEBRIDGE Harriette 25 Spinster   25 Grey Friars Walk John STONEBRIDGE Shoemaker
12 August 1869 GRAY Samuel 21 Bachelor Carpenter 6 Appleby St Charles GRAY Rope maker
PAYNE Elizabeth 22 Spinster   11 Patteshall St William PAYNE Shoe maker
13 September 1869 BUCKLE Samuel 24 Bachelor Bricklayer's labourer 9 Thames St, Bedford Samuel BUCKLE (deceased) Labourer
PERKINS Ann 29 Spinster   8 Spring Gardens, Bedford Geriz PERKINS Labourer
The Certificate says marriage to be held at Harpur Street
17 October 1869 SURTEES Richard Joshua 31 Bachelor Farmer Renhold John SURTEES Farmer
GOODLIFFE Ann Full Spinster   Renhold Leonard GOODLIFFE Gamekeeper
17 March 1870 NIGHTINGALE Charles Frederick 24 Bachelor Minister Sheffield Thomas NIGHTINGALE Minister
MOORE Sarah Jane 19 Spinster   Harpur Place, Bedford Lawrence Batholomew MOORE Contractor
11 April 1870 WHEELER Joseph 27 Bachelor Clothier High Street, Bedford   Basket maker
ALCOCK Sarah Board 19 Spinster   17 Aston Street, Birmingham Thos Joy ALCOCK Tobacconist
22 March 1870 BEDDALL William 20 Bachelor Smith 2 Britannia Road, Bedford Rob't BEDDALL Smith
PENNEY Sarah Frances 22 Spinster   High Street, Bedford Cha's PENNEY Basket maker
31 July 1870 HULATT Arthur Dennis 21 Bachelor   2 Peel Street, Bedford Mercer HULATT Joiner
PERKINS Elizabeth 25 Spinster Painter 21 Queen St, Bedford John PERKINS Shoemaker
17 August 1870 SUCKER James 23 Bachelor Grocer Isle of Ely    
PAYNE Susannah 21 Spinster Dressmaker Bedford William D. PAYNE Shoemaker
14 January 1871 MYERS George 20 Bachelor Baker 16 Newnham Street George MYERS Painter
LITCHFIELD Elizabeth 21 Spinster   16 Newnham Street John LITCHFIELD Hostler
The Certificate (14 December 1870) says marriage to be held at Harpur Street, and gives groom's age as 19
30 May 1871 EATS George 22 Bachelor Smith 38 Cauldwell St, Bedford   Coachman
BISHOP Eliza Jane 20 Spinster Domestic servant Cauldwell Priory, Bedford   Railway signal man
The Certificate says marriage to be held at Cauldwell Street
10 June 1871 GILDER Charles Warr 23 Bachelor Plasterer Bedford Charles GILDER  
WATTS Emma Ives 20 Spinster   Bedford    
The Certificate says marriage to be held at Harpur Street. The groom's residence is given as 21 Union Street, Bedford, and the bride's as Gravel Lane, Bedford