Bedford, St Mary - Marriages

January 1890 to March 1901

Number Date Surname First Names Age Condition Profession Residence Father Father's occupation
23 February 1890 BAXTER James Full Bachelor Labourer St Marys Henry BAXTER deceased Soldier
WATTS Martha Full Widow   St Marys John YOUNG deceased Bricklayer
9 March 1890 TAYLOR John Minor Bachelor Greengrocer St Pauls John TAYLOR Greengrocer
BULL Bessie Atterbury Minor Spinster   St Marys John BULL Painter
6 April 1890 JONES Thomas Full Bachelor Labourer St Marys George JONES Labourer
SMITH Mary Ann Full Spinster   St Marys Daniel SMITH (deceased) Blacksmith
8 April 1890 TITMAS Samuel Full Bachelor Miller Parish of Odell, Bedfordshire Frederick TITMAS Farmer
STEWARD Charlotte Geeves Full Spinster   St Marys William STEWARD Foreman iron works
12 May 1890 ROBINSON Ralph George Full Bachelor Bricklayer St Marys James ROBINSON Builder
CHESHIRE Maud Louisa Gee Full Spinster   St Marys Thomas CHESHIRE (deceased) Carpenter
19 May 1890 SAMM Archer Gerald Full Bachelor Chemist Christ Church, Luton Edward SAMM Farmer
BULL Gertrude Helena Full Spinster   St Marys John BULL Painter
25 May 1890 REYNOLDS John George Full Widower Mid Railway clerk Loughborough William REYNOLDS (deceased) Labourer
BENSON Lizzie Annie Full Spinster   St Marys Samuel BENSON Publican
1 July 1890 TYLER Thomas Full Bachelor Engine driver ..... Brighton Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells Edward TYLER Farmer
MITCHENALL Ellen Full Spinster   St Marys Joshua MITCHENALL Bricklayer
15 July 1890 CURTIS John William Full Bachelor Railway clerk New Wortley, Leeds John CURTIS Railway porter
CURTIS Kate Elizabeth Minor Spinster   St Marys James CURTIS Ploughman
28 July 1890 HART Frederick Full Bachelor Railway porter St Marys John HART Labourer
WILDMAN Eliza Emma Full Spinster   St Marys Joseph WILDMAN Labourer
5 August 1890 BRYANT Harry Alonzo Full Bachelor Boat builder St Cuthberts John BRYANT Cabinet maker
PESTELL Jane Full Spinster   St Marys Charles PESTELL Bricklayer
9 August 1890 EMERY Albert Minor Bachelor Market gardener St Marys Edward EMERY Foreman platelayer
DRACUP Florence Rose Minor Spinster   St Marys Eli DRACUP Fitter
26 August 1890 TITMAS Arthur Full Bachelor Soldier St Marys Charles TITMAS Carpenter
BIRCH Jane Elizabeth Full Widow   St Marys John NEWMAN (deceased) Shoemaker
30 September 1890 WILLIAMSON Henry Albert Full Widower Bricklayer Holy Trinity, Bedford John WILLIAMSON Builder
BATESON Clarissa Full Spinster   St Marys Robert BATESON (deceased) Locksmith
7 October 1890 WATFORD Arthur Joseph Full Bachelor Wine merchant St Peters, Bedford James WATFORD Wine merchant
HARRIS Agnes Full Spinster   St Marys William HARRIS (deceased) Cattle dealer
25 October 1890 FOWLER Hector Full Bachelor Fitter St Marys John FOWLER Fitter
HOUSE Lizzie Full Spinster   Fulbourne, Cambridgeshire Henry HOUSE Carpenter
29 October 1890 HOLT Charles William Full Bachelor Wheelwright St Peters, Bedford George HOLT Bootmaker
CAVE Clara Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys George CAVE Platelayer L.N.W. Railway
3 November 1890 ELLIS William Full Bachelor Thatcher St Marys William ELLIS deceased Thatcher
GARNER Sarah Full Spinster   Stagsden, Bedfordshire John GARNER Labourer
12 November 1890 HUGHES Arthur Charles Full Bachelor Soldier of H.M. Beds Regiment St Marys William James HUGHES Solicitor
ECCLES Eliza Full Spinster   St Marys Edwin ECCLES Labourer
7 December 1890 HIRD Charles Robert Full Bachelor Turner St Marys Henry HIRD Blacksmith
MANTON Kate Full Spinster   St Marys Thomas MANTON Market gardener
25 December 1890 STARMORE Alfred William Full Bachelor Moulder Parish of St Agnes, Bristol Alfred STARMORE Moulder
PEEVERS Florence Louise Minor Spinster   St Marys David PEEVERS (deceased) Butler
25 December 1890 YAPP Alfred Walter Full Bachelor Fireman Mid Railway St Marys Thomas YAPP (deceased) Tailor
MARRIOTT Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys Thomas MARRIOTT Smith
25 December 1890 REVINGTON Robert Full Bachelor Butler St Clements Parish, Middlesex James REVINGTON (decesed) Farmer
GILBERT Rose Ann Full Spinster   St Marys William GILBERT Moulder
1 January 1891 BEECH Charles Thomas Full Bachelor Guard Mid Railway St Marys James BEECH Farmer
STOKES Clara Full Spinster   St Marys John STOKES Gardener
18 January 1891 WAGSTAFF Thomas Full Widower Inn keeper Yelden, Bedfordshire Thomas WAGSTAFF Innkeeper
CLAYTON Mary Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford William CLAYTON Gardener
25 January 1891 THOMPSON William Full Widower Labourer St Marys William THOMPSON Labourer
NORRIS Clara Alderman Full Spinster   St Marys Richard NORRIS Bootmaker
9 February 1891 MILLARD George Full Bachelor Market gardener Flitton, Bedfordshire Nathaniel Daniel MILLARD Gardener
CATLIN Lizzie Jane Full Spinster   St Marys George CATLIN (deceased) Farmer
15 February 1891 GOSLING Thomas George Full Widower G.P. Office official St Pauls, Cannonbury Thomas GOSLING Brush maker
ROBINSON Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Eli ROBINSON Labourer
19 February 1891 ALBERY Ezra Full Bachelor Labourer St Marys Henry ALBERY Labourer
BOWERY Constance Clara Full Spinster   St Marys Charles BOWERY Fitter
1 March 1891 DRACUP Albert Ernest Full Bachelor Labourer 26 St Leonards Avenue Eli DRACUP Turner
HILLYARD Fanny Full Spinster   26 St Leonards Avenue John HILLYARD Labourer
30 March 1891 GUDGIN William Charles Full Bachelor Labourer 37 Muswell Road George GUDGIN Labourer
ROBINSON Elizabeth Full Spinster   32 Muswell Road John ROBINSON (deceased) Labourer
30 March 1891 SHARP Frederick Charles Full Bachelor Plumber Abbey Parish, St Albans Alfred SHARP (deceased) Carpenter
CLARKE Catharine Elizabeth Full Spinster   15 Bunyan Rd, St Marys, Bedford Thomas John CLARKE Labourer
6 April 1891 SWANNELL Samuel Full Bachelor Labourer 17 Little Butts ST David SWANNELL (deceased) Labourer
HART Elenor Full Spinster   8 Pilcroft St Philip BUTTRUM (deceased) Labourer
26 May 1891 PARROTT Thomas Ekins Full Bachelor Turner 2 Pilcroft St William PARROTT Carpenter
LUCAS Annie Elizabeth Full Spinster   14 Cardington Rd William LUCAS Labourer
19 July 1891 COOK Arthur John Minor Bachelor Carpenter 41 Muswell Rd John COOK Grocer
SMART Lily Minor Spinster   41 Muswell Rd John SMART Labourer
5 August 1891 PESTELL Arthur Henry Full Bachelor Photographer Dublin, Ireland James PESTELL Gardener
CHETHAM Ann Full Spinster   St Johns Street, St Marys Robert Holden CHETHAM Boatbuilder
7 September 1891 ATTHIS otherwise ATHEIS Arthur George Full Bachelor Labourer 56 Melbourne St George ATTHIS Labourer
COWLEY Caroline Ada Full Spinster   56 Melbourne St William COWLEY Labourer
24 September 1891 ODELL Sydney Richard Full Bachelor Tailor St Marys Thomas ODELL Cabinet maker
PEARSON Emma Full Spinster   St Marys Alfred PEARSON Harness maker
11 October 1891 WHITE Edwin Full Bachelor Painter 3 Little Butts St George WHITE deceased Coachman
THOMPSON Martha Jane Full Spinster   3 Little Butts St William THOMPSON Gardener
12 October 1891 BRITTAIN Ebenezer Full Bachelor Labourer Shefford Solomon BRITTAIN deceased Labourer
GRIBBLE Ada Elizabeth Full Spinster   28 Bunyan Rd, St Marys Henry GRIBBLE Labourer
21 October 1891 JOYCE Joseph Full Bachelor Farmer Wilden Joseph JOYCE deceased Farmer
RUTLAND Martha Anne Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford John RUTLAND Farmer
5 November 1891 FARMER George Full Bachelor Lath render 36 Muswell Rd Joseph FARMER Lath render
FOOTE Catherine Minor Spinster   St Marys James FOOTE deceased Labourer
22 November 1891 ODELL Ebenezer Full Bachelor Painter 29 Bunyan Rd John ODELL Market gardener
MAYHEW Lizzie Full Spinster   29 Bunyan Rd George MAYHEW Gardener
15 December 1891 HARTWELL William Full Bachelor Gardener Great Houghton, Northampton Thomas HARTWELL Labourer
CORBETT Charlotte Sophia Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Robert CORBETT Market gardener
28 December 1891 JONES William Thomas Full Bachelor Fireman Midland Railway Wigton Magna, Leicestershire John JONES Labourer
BARTRAM Martha Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford James BARTRAM Labourer
29 December 1891 REDMAN Frank Full Bachelor Bootmaker St Marys Joseph REDMAN Labourer
HAYWARD Rose Emma Full Spinster   St Marys Henry HAYWARD Moulder
10 January 1892 MAYFIELD Henry Full Bachelor Fireman Midland Railway 6 Edward Rd Charles MAYFIELD Labourer
TURNER Ellen Sophia Full Spinster   The Rectory?, St Marys Charles TURNER Labourer
23 January 1892 CRUMMIE Mark Henry Full Bachelor Engineer 31 Offa Road Mark Munro CRUMMIE (deceased) Gentleman
LENTON Minnie Full Spinster   London Road John LENTON Engineer
29 January 1892 HARRIS Edgar James Full Bachelor Grocer? Cardington Rd Henry HARRIS Farmer
SERGEANT Minnie Maud Minor Spinster   Cardington Rd    
23 February 1892 BENSON William Full Bachelor Pork butcher 57 Cauldwell St James BENSON Pork butcher
MEEKS Emily Full Spinster   57 Cauldwell St Edward MEEKS Gardener
1 March 1892 CHESHAM John Full Widower Labourer 15 St Johns Street John CHESHAM deceased Labourer
STAUGHTON Emma Full Widow   15 St Johns Street George ARNOLD deceased Labourer
17 April 1892 MITCHELL Edward Full Bachelor Labourer Althorpe Street George MITCHELL (deceased) Labourer
SHREEVES Martha Full Spinster   28 Pilcroft St John SHREEVES Labourer
18 April 1892 WHITE Alfred Charles Full Bachelor Labourer 28 Holme St Charles WHITE Gardener
ASKEW Fanny Full Spinster   28 Holme St Samuel ASKEW (deceased) Labourer
28 April 1892 COOPER Frederick George Minor Bachelor Labourer 28 Great Butts Street George COOPER Clerk
READ Annie Full Spinster   28 Great Butts Street James READ Publican
29 April 1892 COOPER William Payne Full Bachelor Farmer Moggerhanger in this County William COOPER Farmer
HARRIS Annie Full Spinster   St Marys William HARRIS (deceased) Cattle dealer
12 May 1892 DICKENS William Henry Full Bachelor Farmer Tilbrook in this County William DICKENS Farmer
SALSBURY Annie Full Spinster   47 Cauldwell Street, St Marys Robert SALSBURY (deceased) Farmer
5 June 1892 BARTRAM John Full Bachelor Labourer 12 Bedesmans Place Frederick BARTRAM Labourer
GARRATT Florence Full Spinster   19 The Crescent Thomas GARRATT Labourer
5 June 1892 FOWKES John Full Bachelor Labourer 16 Kings Place Josiah FOWKES Labourer
EMERTON Eliza Full Spinster   16 Kings Place Charles EMERTON Labourer
13 June 1892 SMITH Frederick William Full Bachelor Carpenter 21 Great Butts Street Thomas SMITH Labourer
ABRAHAM Emily Full Spinster   23 Bunyan Road Abner Joysey ABRAHAM (deceased) Painter
21 June 1892 LLOYD Arthur Frederick Long Full Bachelor General merchant Holy Trinity - LLOYD (deceased) Merchant
MARKRAM Florence Full Spinster   Muswell Rd, St Marys George MARKRAM Labourer
28 June 1892 THOMSON Alfred Palmer Full Bachelor Butcher St Pauls, Bedford David THOMSON (deceased) Butcher
BULL Alice Kate Full Spinster   Althorpe Street, St Marys John BULL Painter
18 August 1892 WREN Thomas Full Bachelor Labourer All Saints Parish, Eastbourne John WREN Joiner
COOK Sarah Full Spinster   Cauldwell St, St Marys Alfred COOK Corn factor
21 August 1892 NICHOLLS Harry Minor Bachelor Coach builder St Marys William NICHOLLS Coach builder
STANBRIDGE Emily Elizabeth Minor Spinster   St Pauls Henry STANBRIDGE Bricklayer
28 August 1892 DARLOW Edward Full Bachelor Carpenter St Cuthberts William DARLOW Labourer
FARMER Elizabeth Full Spinster   19 Kings Place, St Marys Joseph FARMER Lath render
14 September 1892 WALKER Thomas Full Bachelor Painter 68 Cauldwell St John Stocker WALKER Smith
HULATT Emily Full Spinster   68 Cauldwell St Frederick HULATT Labourer
15 September 1892 EYRES William Henry Full Bachelor Upholsterer St Barnabas, Rotherithe [sic], London George EYRES Bootmaker
TRUNCHION Emily Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford William TRUNCHION Engineer
4 October 1892 BROUN Alfred Forbes Full Bachelor Conservator of Forests, Ceylon St Mark, Hamilton Terrace, London John Allan BROUN (deceased) Astronomer
HOWARD Emily Hilda Mahala Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford James HOWARD (deceased0 Iron founder
6 October 1892 ADAMS Ezekiel Full Bachelor Labourer 1 College Road Joseph ADAMS Market gardener
BREWER Rosa Full Spinster   21 Mabel Road Robert BREWER Labourer
22 October 1892 HARTILL Joseph Full Widower Plumber 4 Belton Place, Cattle Market Road, Northampton William HARTILL (deceased) Labourer
DAVIES Maria Full Widow   St Marys, Bedford James LYMAN deceased Brickmaker??
25 December 1892 COPPERWAITE Charles Harry Full Bachelor Shoe finisher 9 St Leonards Avenue Harry COPPERWAITE Painter
NURRISH Mary Lizzie Full Spinster   St Marys Timothy NURRISH Shoe finisher
9 January 1893 JACKSON Joseph Full Bachelor Fireman Mid Railway St Marys John JACKSON Engine driver Mid Railway
BAINBRIDGE Gertrude Emma Full Spinster   St Marys Charles BAINBRIDGE Labourer
3 April 1893 CRANE Charles Full Bachelor Whitesmith St Marys Francis CRANE Gardener
STARNES Sarah Full Spinster   St Georges Parish, Nottingham Frederick STARNES Fitter
26 April 1893 SMITH Walter Dendy Full Bachelor Gentleman St Giles, Camberwell, London Samuel CHAPLAIN deceased Clerk
HERBERT Julia Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Joseph HERBERT Farmer
21 May 1893 SELWYN Frederick Full Bachelor Gilder Britannia Road George Stokes SELWYN Picture frame maker
JOHNSON Alice Maud Smith Ford Minor Spinster   Britannia Road William JOHNSON (deceased) Labourer
16 August 1893 COVINGTON Albert Tingey Full Bachelor Tobacconist 19 St Marys Street William Wollan COVINGTON Painter
SHARRATT Ann Full Spinster   73 Station Rd William SHARRATT Builder
27 August 1893 PRUCE John Full Bachelor Serg't Instructor Welwyn, Herts Alfred PRUCE (deceased) Builder
HALL Annie Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Joseph HALL Bricklayer
29 August 1893 ASHLEY Robert Alexander Full Bachelor Coal merchant's clerk 80 Cauldwell St Henry ASHLEY (deceased) Painter
GILBERT Florence Ellen Full Spinster   80 Cauldwell St John GILBERT Smith
21 September 1893 ROWE Edward Full Bachelor Clerk Parish of All Saints, Kings Heath, Worcestershire Edward ROWE Stationer
HEMINGWAY Jane Lavinia Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Joseph Matthew HEMINGWAY Engineer
17 December 1893 ABBOTT William Full Bachelor Tailor 8 Mabel Road John ABBOTT deceased Shoemaker
BARKER Gertrude Full Spinster   9 Offa Road William BARKER Gardener
25 December 1893 WELCH Walter George Full Bachelor Labourer Edward Road William George WELCH Labourer
MOBBS Rebecca Full Spinster   Kempston John MOBBS Labourer
26 December 1893 BEEBY William David Full Bachelor Baker Muswell Rd David BEEBY (deceased) Plumber
STEVENS Emma Full Spinster   Muswell Rd Charles STEVENS Railway inspector
1 January 1894 READ William Full Widower Machinist Melbourne St, St Marys Edward READ (deceased) Smith
WILDMAN Eliza Full Widow   18 Melbourne St, St Marys Charles TURNER deceased Builder
7 January 1894 ASHBY Edward Stepney Full Bachelor Baker 16 Melbourne St William ASHBY Labourer
TUCKER Ellen Lizzie Minor Spinster   7 Pilcroft St Edward TUCKER Labourer
1 February 1894 SEYMOUR Alfred Bliss Full Bachelor Private secretary St Andrew, Watford, Herts Henry SEYMOUR Railway clerk
GIBBS Ada Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford George GIBBS Agricultural engineer
19 February 1894 WALKER Robert Samuel Full Bachelor Labourer 30 Edward Road John Stocker WALKER Smith
PURSER Elizabeth Full Spinster   30 Edward Road, St Marys John PURSER Labourer
27 February 1894 BEART Frederick Vinall Full Bachelor Engineer 58 St Johns Street Frederick William BEART Draper
EKINS Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Pauls, Bedford Charles EKINS (deceased) Ironmonger
26 March 1894 BURTON Edward Alfred Full Bachelor Groom Pilcroft St William BURTON Gardener
KNOWLES Ada Alice Full Spinster   St Marys Henry KNOWLES Horse breaker
26 March 1894 PESTELL George Full Bachelor Bricklayer 20 Millbrook Road Charles PESTELL Bricklayer
CARRINGTON Nellie Full Spinster   St Peters Parish, Bedford James CARRINGTON Gardener
7 April 1894 STEVENS Charles Full Bachelor Labourer 29 Kings Place James STEVENS Labourer
DILLEY Fanny Full Spinster   29 Kings Place George DILLEY (deceased) Labourer
18 April 1894 OXFORD James Full Bachelor Bootmaker Sandy, Bedfordshire James OXFORD Bootmaker
SIMMS Florence Full Spinster   42 Muswell Rd, St Marys William SIMMS Butcher
22 April 1894 JAMES Richard William Full Bachelor Policeman St Marys, Liverpool John JAMES Coachman
POWELL Evelyn Emma Jane Full Spinster   Melbourne St, St Marys, Bedford Thomas POWELL Railway signalman
24 April 1894 BARTRAM John Full Bachelor Labourer 24 Bunyan Road James BARTRAM Labourer
SHARMAN Hannah Full Spinster   Holy Trinity Parish, Bedford Phillip SHARMAN Labourer
25 April 1894 CLARKE John Full Bachelor Carpenter 9 Mabel Road George CLARKE Carpenter
LOVESEY Clara Amelia Minor Spinster   St Cuthberts Parish, Bedford George LOVESEY Labourer
14 May 1894 ASHTON Charles Ernest Full Bachelor Bricklayer Muswell Rd Jacob ASHTON deceased Labourer
BARKER Lydia Elizabeth Full Spinster   Muswell Rd Thomas BARKER deceased Labourer
23 May 1894 JUDKINS John Thomas Full Bachelor Postal clerk St Phillips, Newcastle on Tyne Samuel JUDKINS Postal overseer
LESTER Jane Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Edward LESTER Engine driver
9 July 1894 WHITTAMORE Walter Full Bachelor Tailor 28 Edward Rd Joseph WHITTAMORE Tailor
RIMINGTON Alice Full Spinster   28 Edward Rd Thomas RIMINGTON (deceased) Miller
5 August 1894 WALKER Herbert Full Bachelor Boiler maker Netherfield, Notts Charles WALKER Builder
ADDINGTON Louisa Barnes Full Spinster   12 Holme St    
17 September 1894 HUGHES Herbert Henry Full Bachelor Grocer St Marys, Mortlake, Surrey Thomas HUGHES Carpenter
CRANE Elizabeth Full Spinster   Kempston Road, St Marys, Bedford Francis CRANE Gardener
7 October 1894 UPSTONE Walter Alfred Full Bachelor Carriage builder St James, Derby Edwin UPSTONE Engine driver Midland Railway
TILDESLEY Catherine Mary Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford John TILDESLEY Shoemaker
10 October 1894 DAVEY Sidney Herbert Full Bachelor Fruiterer St Pauls, Bedford William DAVEY (deceased) Farmer
DEAN Georgina Annie Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Charles DEAN Shoemaker
23 October 1894 DODWELL Arthur Full Bachelor Joiner All Saints, S. Lambeth, London David George DODWELL Baker
COTTON Emily Maria Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Thomas COTTON deceased Brewer
24 December 1894 WILLETT Alonzo Full Bachelor Railway clerk St Saviours, Lambeth George WILLETT Shoemaker
THURLEY Ruth Full Spinster   7 St Johns Street, St Marys, Bedford Abraham THURLEY Fruiterer
26 December 1894 SAWBRIDGE William Full Bachelor Labourer Newport Pagnell, Bucks Robert SAWBRIDGE Labourer
BUCKLE Alice Rebecca Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Thomas BUCKLE Railway platelayer
17 February 1895 TOLL Arthur Frederick Full Bachelor Labourer 71 Pilcroft St, St Marys Jesse TOLL Carpenter
BOSTOCK Agnes Full Spinster   71 Pilcroft St, St Marys Joseph BOSTOCK Prison warder
10 April 1895 HORSPOOL John George Full Bachelor Superintendent insurance agent 14 Ampthill Road John HORSPOOL Billposter
FLETCHER Florence Isabella Hall Full Spinster   14 Ampthill Road Alexander FLETCHER (deceased) Engineer
14 April 1895 THOMPSON Francis Frederick Full Bachelor Bookseller 35 Victoria Road, St Marys Francis Henry THOMPSON Butcher
FINDLAY Grace Beecham Full Spinster   St Peters, Bedford James FINDLAY Prison warder
15 April 1895 TIMMS William James Full Bachelor News agent St Marys, Luton Francis TIMMS Bootmaker
HAINES Eliza Emily Full Spinster   15A Cauldwell St, St Marys, Bedford John HAINES Labourer
18 April 1895 DUNCAN George Full Widower Color Serg't Royal Marines Walmer, Kent Adam DUNCAN Market gardener
SHORTLAND Annie Full     41 Althorpe St, St Marys, Bedford Samuel SHORTLAND Labourer
2 June 1895 COLE George William Full Bachelor Labourer St Marys George COLE Labourer
DARNELL Mary Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys George DARNELL Labourer
2 June 1895 TURNER Harry Full Bachelor Baker St Pauls Parish John William TURNER Fitter
SUMMERFIELD Annie Maria Full Spinster   27 Holme St, St Marys William SUMMERFIELD (deceased) Labourer
30 July 1895 RAINBOW Richard Thomas Full Widower Coachman Hardenhuish, Wiltshire William RAINBOW (deceased) Labourer
GARNER Martha Ann Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford William GARNER (deceased) Labourer
6 August 1895 GILBERT Aaron Full Bachelor Fishmonger St Pauls, Kirkdale, Liverpool Joseph Manwaring GILBERT Farmer
VALENTINE Sarah Ellen Full Spinster   Britannia Road, St Marys, Bedford Albert VALENTINE Accountant
21 August 1895 HILLS John Henry Full Bachelor Hosier Holy Trinity, Bedford Harry HILLS Gentleman
SMITH Frances Alice Full Spinster   35 Cauldwell St, St Marys Edward SMITH Cattle dealer
25 August 1895 WALTON George Horace Full Bachelor Porter Mid Railway 5 Great Butts St George WALTON Oil merchant
HULL Louisa Jane Full Spinster   5 Great Butts St Thomas HULL Labourer
30 August 1895 SHEPHERD Walter Full Bachelor Solicitor's clerk St Marys Street George SHEPHERD Gentleman
McSORLEY Florence Agnes Beale Minor Spinster   St Marys Street George McSORLEY Hotel keeper
14 September 1895 MARTIN James Peter Full Bachelor Painter 5 Edward Road Richard MARTIN Labourer
GOODACRE Annie Maria Full Spinster   5 Edward Road Harry GOODACRE Fitter
24 October 1895 MAXEY Frederick Full Bachelor Labourer St Marys George MAXEY Labourer
SHREEVES Sarah Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys John SHREEVES Labourer
25 October 1895 SAYER Alban Full Widower Bailiff Westacre, Norrfolk William SAYER Farmer
KINGSTON Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys, Bedford William KINGSTON Butcher
28 November 1895 HUMPHREYS Edwin Full Bachelor Publican St Pauls Frederick HUMPHREYS Publican
PASS Jessie Jane Full Spinster   St Marys Thomas PASS Coachsmith
4 December 1895 CROWSLEY Edward Full Bachelor Gardener Bunyan Road James CROWSLEY deceased Labourer
CLARKE Louisa Francis Full Spinster   Bunyan Road Thomas John CLARKE Labourer
7 December 1895 ASHBY Alfred Thomas Full Bachelor Boiler maker 68 Cauldwell St William ASHBY deceased Engine driver
WALLIS Lois Susannah Full Spinster   St Johns Peterborough George WALLIS Engine driver
16 December 1895 BOZIER Herbert George Full Bachelor Butler 68 Cauldwell St George BOZIER Labourer
IVES Louisa Full Spinster   68 Cauldwell St Aaron IVES Furniture dealer
25 December 1895 MAXEY Ernest Full Bachelor Labourer 19 Kings Place George MAXEY Groom
DARNELL Emma Jane Full Spinster   19 Kings Place George DARNELL Malster
25 December 1895 BANDY William Joseph Full Bachelor Stone mason   Joseph BANDY Stone mason
MARTIN Ada Full Spinster     Benjamin MARTIN Smith
26 December 1895 JOHNSON Herbert Full Bachelor Labourer Cardington Rd William JOHNSON Labourer
SMITH Annie Elizabeth Full Spinster   St Marys George SMITH Shoemaker
9 February 1896 CLARK Benjamin Full Bachelor Labourer 17 Muswell Rd Benjamin CLARK Labourer
HAMMOND Esther Full Spinster   17 Muswell Rd William HAMMOND (deceased) Carpenter
26 March 1896 JAKES George William 25 Bachelor Labourer 1 College Road George JAKES Labourer
BLUITT Rose 22 Spinster   7 College Road Charles BLUITT Labourer
5 April 1896 BERRINGTON James William 22 Bachelor Carpenter 9 Bedesmans Place William BERRINGTON Smith
FILSELL Louisa 26 Spinster   9 Bedesmans Place Frederick FILSELL (deceased) Engine driver
7 April 1896 TAYLOR Frederick Charles 41 Bachelor Commercial traveller St Michaels, Lichfield Thomas Shepherd TAYLOR (deceased) School master
LAVENDER Elizabeth 41 Spinster   Ampthill Road, St Marys, Bedford Thomas LAVENDER (deceased) Farmer
20 April 1896 EATON William George 20 Bachelor Labourer 3 Kings Place George EATON Labourer
JONES Emily 22 Spinster   53 Pilcroft Street John JONES Labourer
9 May 1896 BROOKS Alfred Rowland 22 Bachelor Painter 23 Little Butts St George BROOKS Army pensioner
WHITE Grace Elizabeth 21 Spinster   23 Little Butts St George WHITE Shepherd
25 May 1896 SPARKS Harry 23 Bachelor Labourer 24 Mabel Road George SPARKS Labourer
STAPLETON Ada 21 Spinster   24 Mabel Road Joseph STAPLETON Labourer
2 June 1896 LLOYD James Herbert 27 Bachelor Chemist & druggist 51 Cauldwell St James LLOYD (deceased) Farmer
SMITH Annie Selina 27 Spinster   Cauldwell St Edward SMITH Cattle dealer
4 July 1896 TUNBRIDGE Albert Beaumont 27 Bachelor Baker St Pauls, Canonbury, London Harry Daniel D'Arcy TUNBRIDGE (deceased) Shipwright
WELSH Lizzie 18 Spinster   St Marys, Bedford Robert WELSH Railway platelayer
9 July 1896 SEDCOLE Albert Edward 28 Bachelor Bankruptcy clerk 75 Victoria Rd Edward Samuel SEDCOLE Saddler
BLAKE Minnie Florence 22 Spinster   St Pauls, Bedford William BLAKE Photographer
10 August 1896 DARE George 24 Bachelor Soldier Beds Regt 6 Cauldwell St John DARE (deceased) Compositor
VINE Edith Elizabeth 20 Spinster   6 Cauldwell St William VINE Publican
9 October 1896 FOWLES Robert 60 Widower Cab proprietor 21 Muswell Rd John FOWLES deceased Cab proprietor
ELSON Mary Ann 59 Widow   21 Muswell Rd James PLASCOTT deceased Builder
12 November 1896 WOODS Henry Arthur Ernest 27 Bachelor Fitter 3 Great Butts St Charles Green WOODS Smith
BURNHAM Edith Mary Frances 21 Spinster   29 Pilcroft St George Francis BURNHAM Labourer
25 December 1896 STOCK Arthur 20 Bachelor Sawyer 30 Great Butts Street William Henry STOCK Labourer
WEBB Emma Ellen 21 Spinster   13 Great Butts Street John WEBB Labourer
25 December 1896 WARD Herbert 25 Bachelor Labourer 49 Muswell Rd John WARD Gardener
WARTON Mary Jane 26 Spinster   49 Muswell Rd William WARTON Labourer
26 December 1896 NAYLOR Arthur 32 Bachelor Railway servant 22 Holme St Jonathan NAYLOR (deceased) Labourer
DURDEN Ida Rose 30 Spinster   22 Holme St Isaac? DURDEN (deceased) Carpenter
31 December 1896 HARDING Edward James 29 Bachelor Plumber 11 Edward Rd William HARDING Labourer
HESTER Annie 26 Spinster   11 Edward Rd George HESTER Maltster
31 January 1897 COLEY Frank 22 Bachelor Railway signalman 36 Kings Place John COLEY deceased Labourer
CATLING Emily Louisa 23 Spinster   36 Kings Place James CATLING deceased Labourer
17 April 1897 CULLIP Charles 33 Bachelor Grocer 17 St Leonards Avenue William CULLIP (deceased) Labourer
SWINBURN Alice Maud 23 Spinster   25 Houghton Road Thomas SWINBURN Store keeper
19 April 1897 TITE George Edward 28 Bachelor Railway fireman 13 Bedesmans Place Benjamin TITE Labourer
FOX Rosetta Jane 26 Spinster   13 Bedesmans Place Charles FOX Gardener
26 April 1897 SMART Thomas Frederick 22 Bachelor Labourer 74 Pilcroft St Thomas SMART Groom
SMITH Elizabeth 26 Spinster   Bridge Hall William SMITH Bricklayer
10 May 1897 MEAD George Albert 24 Bachelor Coach builder St Pauls Parish William MEAD Coach builder
FLOOD Louisa Kate 27 Spinster   43 Althorpe Street, St Marys William FLOOD Pointsman
17 May 1897 WHITLOCK James 27 Bachelor Fireman Midland Railway 11 Cauldwell Place John WHITLOCK Labourer
BOSWELL Elizabeth 30 Spinster   11 Cauldwell Place James BOSWELL (deceased) Carpenter
22 May 1897 SMITH Peter 28 Bachelor Electrician 9 Britannia Place George SMITH (deceased) Labourer
RYAN Laura 30 Widow   9 Britannia Place Richard HAYWARD (deceased) Labourer
7 June 1897 NICHOLSON Oscar Dudley 23 Bachelor Engineer St James, Ashted, Birmingham James NICHOLSON Hotel manager
FOX Maud Louisa 21 Spinster   13 Bedesmans Place, St Marys Charles FOX Gardener
7 June 1897 PORTER Walter 26 Bachelor Labourer 4 London Road Alfred PORTER (deceased) Carman
GADSDEN Martha Ann 27 Spinster   19 Lansdowne Rd, Holy Trinity Parish, Bedford David GADSDEN Labourer
7 June 1897 STOCK William Henry 23 Bachelor Labourer 18 Great Butts St William Henry STOCK Labourer
STOCK Margaret Letitia 23 Spinster   30 Great Butts St John Thomas STOCK Miner
11 June 1897 GILBERT James 29 Bachelor Fireman Midland Railway 36 Muswell Road James GILBERT Labourer
KINNS Minnie Rebecca 22 Spinster   4 Cauldwell Place John KINNS Tailor
12 July 1897 BIFFEN John 22 Bachelor Boatbuilder 18 The Mall, St Pauls, Hammersmith, Middlesex John BIFFEN (deceased) Boatbuilder
CHETHAM Elizabeth 23 Spinster   Holme Street, St Marys Robert Holden CHETHAM Boatbuilder
28 July 1897 JONES Frank 27 Bachelor Post Office clerk 7 Mill Street John JONES (deceased) Groom
NICHOLLS Alice 22 Spinster   36 Cauldwell Street William Henry NICHOLLS Coachbuilder
2 August 1897 VIGORS Charles William 22 Bachelor Painter 71 Muswell Road Albert VIGORS Railway guard Pensioner
EMMINGS Emily 22 Spinster   35 Muswell Road James John EMMINGS Iron moulder
2 August 1897 MILLS Arthur John Rogers 22 Bachelor Boot clicker 26 Great Butts Street Thomas MILLS Labourer
BROCKETT Elizabeth Mary 23 Spinster   26 Great Butts Street John William BROCKETT Bootmaker
3 August 1897 SINTZENICK James Francis Frederick Full Widower Wine merchant (London) Rye Close Gustav SINTZENICK (deceased) Artist
RIGHTON Mary Lucretia Full Spinster   8 Ashburnham Road John Hayman RIGHTON Professor of music Mus. Bac. Oxon.
9 August 1897 HEARTLEY James William 26 Bachelor Fitter 44 Melbourne St George HEARTLEY Smith
CRANE Florence Annie 23 Spinster   Infirmary Lodge, Kempston Road Francis CRANE Gardener
30 August 1897 LUFF George 19 Bachelor Labourer 55 Pilcroft St Thomas LUFF deceased Labourer
ATTHUEIS Susannah 19 Spinster   55 Pilcroft St George ATTHUEIS deceased Labourer
13 September 1897 SHEFFIELD John William 26 Bachelor Printer 8 Bedesmans Place John SHEFFIELD (deceased) Groom
STREET Annie 22 Spinster   8 Bedesmans Place William STREET Labourer
22 September 1897 WILLIAMS Christopher 22 Bachelor Royal Engineers 32 Ampthill Road James Jenkins WILLIAMS Ordnance Surveyor
KEECH Hannah Temperance Parkins 24 Spinster   36 Kempston Road William KEECH Army pensioner
18 December 1897 DILLAMORE Samuel Robert 26 Bachelor Furniture salesman 74 Cauldwell St James Thomas DILLAMORE Gentleman
INGLEDEW Annie 27 Spinster   74 Cauldwell St Edward INGLEDEW Engineer
25 December 1897 SUMMERFIELD Thomas 22 Bachelor Labourer 69 Pilcroft St Samuel SUMMERFIELD Engine driver at iron works
BUCKLE Flora 20 Spinster   3 Castle Hill Cottages, St Pauls Parish Joseph BUCKLE Railway platelayer
25 December 1897 DODKIN John George 21 Bachelor P'te Soldier, Bedfordshire Reg't 12 Pilcroft St Joseph DODKIN (deceased) Labourer
DENNIS Clara Jane 21 Spinster   12 Pilcroft St    
12 January 1898 LORTON Edmund Thomas 25 Bachelor House decorator 2 Fairfax Road, St Pauls Parish Joseph LORTON County policeman
SANDERS Lilian Beatrice Martin 19 Spinster   41 Victoria Road Thomas Henry SANDERS (deceased) Ticket collector Mid Railway
16 January 1898 DARNELL Herbert James 21 Bachelor Labourer 19 Kings Place George DARNELL Maltster
LANDON Sophia 19 Spinster   19 Kings Place Ezra LANDON Bricklayer
17 March 1898 HOUSDEN William John 22 Bachelor Life assurance agent 29 Little Butts St David HOUSDEN (deceased) Labourer
OKINS Elizabeth 23 Spinster   29 Little Butts St William OKINS Labourer
20 March 1898 NICHOLLS William Henry 60 Widower Coachbuilder 36 Cauldwell St William NICHOLLS (deceased) Carpenter
WILDMAN Matilda 40 Widow   36 Cauldwell St William ROBINSON (deceased) Tailor
10 April 1898 LITCHFIELD Walter Frederick 25 Bachelor Labourer 14 Little Butts St Benjamin LITCHFIELD Labourer
HURST Ada Eleanor 20 Spinster   Great Gransden, Cambridgeshire William HURST Labourer
There is a note saying "Great Gransden is in Hunts."
11 April 1898 RUST Thomas 29 Bachelor Labourer 47 Pilcroft St John RUST Labourer
TAYLOR Mary Rebecca 29 Spinster   47 Pilcroft St Charles TAYLOR Labourer
20 April 1898 McKNAUGHT William 37 Bachelor Painter & decorator Wigtown, Wigtownshire James McKNAUGHT Painter & decorator
HOLLINGSWORTH Iza Lant 34 Spinster   64 St Johns Street, St Marys, Bedford Alfred HOLLINGSWORTH (deceased) Wood merchant
24 April 1898 SIMMS Frederick 26 Bachelor Butler Muswell Road William SIMMS Butcher
RISELEY Minnie 25 Spinster   Muswell Road William RISELEY Gamekeeper
1 May 1898 SALSBURY Francis Robert 25 Bachelor Tobacconist 47 Cauldwell St Robert SALSBURY (deceased) Farmer
WOODS Laura Mary Ann 26 Spinster   3 Great Butts St Charles Green WOODS Smith
30 May 1898 CARELESS Frank 21 Bachelor Painter 22 Kings Place John CARELESS Farmer
OSBORNE Ellen Gertrude 23 Spinster   22 Kings Place Henry OSBORNE (deceased) Labourer
13 June 1898 JAKES David James 24 Bachelor Grocer Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire George JAKES Labourer
COLE Maria 28 Spinster   11 College Road, St Marys, Bedford David COLE Labourer
22 June 1898 NICHOLSON Magnus Douglas 27 Bachelor Bank clerk Vienna, Austria Alexandre Charles NICHOLSON Quarry manager
ALDGATE Mary Anne 29 Spinster   8 Millbrook Road, St Marys, Bedford Ward ALDGATE Engine driver Mid Railway
6 July 1898 THURLEY Abraham 51 Widower Insurance agent 7 St Johns St Abraham THURLEY deceased Shoemaker
GRONERT Mary Charlotte 49 Spinster   1 High Street, St Pauls, Bedford John George GRONERT (deceased) Innkeeper
7 August 1898 CRADDOCK Francis Charles 23 Bachelor Electric light fitter 18 Palmerston Street, St Martins Frederick CRADDOCK Carpenter
CORNNER Alice 22 Spinster   1 Millbrook Road, St Marys William CORNNER Fitter at iron works
The date was altered from July 30th. This may help to explain why the actual dates are out of sequence.
1 August 1898 COULES Robert Arthur 27 Bachelor Fitter & turner 25 Houghton Road William Thomas COULES deceased Architect
SMITH Ada Annie 24 Spinster   35 Althorpe Street Daniel SMITH deceased Color Serg't 31st Reg't
9 August 1898 DARNELL Alfred 34 Bachelor Gardener Kempston, Bedfordshire Samuel DARNELL Labourer
PRANGNELL Edith Annie Osborne 31 Spinster   15 Millbrook Road William PRANGNELL Painter
7 September 1898 NEWMAN George Alfred 23 Bachelor Printer St Giles, Reading, Berkshire John NEWMAN (deceased) Shoemaker
CAVE Emma Jane 23 Spinster   54 Melbourne St, St Marys George CAVE Railway platelayer
12 September 1898 BEAUMONT William George 26 Bachelor Engine fitter 22 College Road John Manning BEAUMONT Smith
ABRAHAM Clara 28 Spinster   32 Ashburnham Road, Holy Trinity Arthur Joysey ABRAHAM deceased Painter
17 September 1898 VAN OPPEN Leonard 24 Bachelor Shipping & insurance agent Northenden, Cheshire Fritz William VAN OPPEN Shipping & insurance agent
KILLICK Mabel Gertrude 21 Spinster   33 Cauldwell Street, St Marys Caleb KILLICK Inland Revenue officer
26 September 1898 MARSHALL James 28 Bachelor Bricklayer 11 Offa Road James MARSHALL (deceased) Labourer
PHILLIPS Gertrude 32 Spinster   20 Muswell Road Alfred George Francis PHILLIPS deceased Engine fitter
10 October 1898 SLETCHER John 49 Widower Stonemason 74 Cauldwell St William SLETCHER (deceased) Shoemaker
OWEN Emily Frances 35 Spinster   Cardington in this County Charles OWEN Farmer
11 October 1898 COOPER George Cozens 30 Bachelor Stores manager 31 Victoria Road George COOPER Seed merchant
VINCENT Florence St John 22 Spinster   33 Offa Road St John VINCENT Estate agent
11 October 1898 MAYES Frederick William 23 Bachelor Corn merchant St Pauls William MAYES Farmer
CHASTY Amy Blanche 22 Spinster   50 Cauldwell Street Frederick Alfred CHASTY Gardener
27 October 1898 HANCOCK Henry Daniel 36 Bachelor Carpenter 19 Offa Road Daniel HANCOCK Carpenter
MADDOCK Jane 39 Widow   19 Offa Road Thomas CLARE (deceased) Labourer
30 October 1898 NICKERSON Albon Currington 22 Bachelor Labourer 15 Muswell Road James NICKERSON Labourer
WILSON Ethel Harriet Elizabeth 18 Spinster   15 Muswell Road Frederick WILSON Labourer
6 November 1898 SMITH George William 22 Bachelor Labourer 32 Althorpe Street Jesse SMITH Labourer
MANN Rebecca 23 Spinster   32 Althorpe Street Charles MANN Labourer
3 December 1898 HARDIE James Full Bachelor Business manager New Hudson Depot, 121 Midland Road James HARDIE (deceased) Farmer
LITTLE Mary Elizabeth Full Spinster   59 Victoria Road James Luddington LITTLE (deceased) Farmer
12 December 1898 DEAN Herbert 20 Bachelor Painter 12 Cauldwell St David DEAN Publican
HUBER Caroline Louisa 19 Spinster   12 Cauldwell St Frederick HUBER (deceased) Painter
24 December 1898 KEDGE William 20 Bachelor Labourer 66 Pilcroft St William KEDGE Labourer
FROST Alice 18 Spinster   66 Pilcroft St Joseph FROST Labourer
25 December 1898 SHEPPARD William 25 Bachelor Painter 2 Britannia Place John SHEPPARD Gardener
HARPER Alice Bertha 22 Spinster   25 St Leonards Avenue Thomas HARPER Dairyman
26 December 1898 DAZLEY Leonard Augustus 19 Bachelor Labourer 17 Bunyan Road Alexander DAZLEY Stonemason
BROWN Augusta Caroline 19 Spinster   17 Bunyan Road George BROWN Labourer
26 December 1898 BLYTH Alfred Freeman 23 Bachelor Machinist 1 Bedesmans Place Alfred BLYTH Ex prison warder
BARRATT Helen Elizabeth 21 Spinster   28 College Road Henry BARRATT Labourer
1 January 1899 COLGRAVE Amos Sam 22 Bachelor Labourer Clapham, Bedfordshire George COLGRAVE Labourer
SPARKES Agnes 23 Spinster   Bedford Infirmary George SPARKES Labourer
14 January 1899 SMITH John William Ford 23 Bachelor Labourer 3 Rope Walk John Fred SMITH Labourer
ADAMS Florence Elizabeth 25 Spinster   23 Edward Road William ADAMS (deceased) Shoemaker
8 February 1899 FOX Herbert Charles 25 Bachelor Dairyman Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire Herbert FOX Publican
REVIS Mabel Maud 27 Spinster   33 Ampthill Street, St Marys, Bedford John Charles REVIS Cattle dealer
9 February 1899 HORNER William Henry 34 Bachelor Meat salesman 43 Cauldwell St Thomas HORNER Watch glass maker
KELLAM Mary 36 Widow   43 Cauldwell St John MACKEY Engineer
13 February 1899 WARTON Frederick James 23 Bachelor Bricklayer Foleshill, Coventry, Warwickshire William WARTON Labourer
YOUREN Mary 24 Spinster   45 Althorpe Street, St Marys, Bedford Charles YOUREN Railway platelayer
1 March 1899 NOTLEY George 24 Bachelor Blacksmith 8 Sandhurst Rd Henry NOTLEY Labourer
PALMER Emily Jane 21 Spinster   College Road William PALMER Market gardener
2 April 1899 BREED Arthur James Smith 21 Bachelor Timekeeper at iron works 8 Britannia Place George BREED Smith
BOWERY Ellen Mary 24 Spinster   3 Britannia Road Charles BOWERY Fitter
3 April 1899 MONK Ernest 22 Bachelor Labourer 44 Pilcroft St George MONK deceased Labourer
SHEPPARD Rose Ellen 24 Spinster   44 Pilcroft St Robert SHEPPARD (deceased) Engine driver
3 April 1899 ANDREWS Henry Charles 28 Bachelor Engine fitter 29 St Leonards Avenue Henry George ANDREWS Engineer
SMITH Florence Ellen 37 Spinster   2 Gwyn St, St Pauls Parish, Bedford Samuel SMITH (deceased( Baker
6 April 1899 CULLIP Samuel 23 Bachelor Baker Britannia Rd    
KEMSHEAD Elizabeth 31 Widow   23 Ampthill St, St Johns Parish Charles MATHERS Market gardener
14 May 1899 STAUGHTON William Edward 23 Bachelor Smith 7 Little Butts St Henry STAUGHTON (deceased) Engine driver
MILLS Alice May 21 Spinster   7 Little Butts St John MILLS Fitter
21 May 1899 BOWLES Richard Mark 24 Bachelor Builder 1 Florence Terrace, Parish of Emanuel, West Hampstead, Middlesex George BOWLES Gentleman
FACEY Rachel Rebecca 25 Spinster   15 Offa Road, St Marys Richard FACEY (deceased) Gardener
22 May 1899 SPURGEON Frederick Steward 39 Bachelor Iron moulder 38 Althorpe St William SPURGEON Iron moulder
PAYNE Ursula Rose 31 Spinster   36 Althorpe St William PAYNE (deceased) Farm bailiff
5 June 1899 SMITH George 27 Bachelor Labourer Stevenage, Herts Daniel SMITH Baker
NEGUS Amelia 28 Spinster   11 Duck Mill Lane Samuel NEGUS (deceased) Labourer
25 June 1899 COOK George 30 Bachelor Publican 52 Pilcroft St Robert COOK Labourer
REYNOLDS Patience 24 Spinster   Linslade, Bucks James REYNOLDS (deceased) Labourer
28 June 1899 WIGZELL John Christopher 68 Widower Builder 2 Harewood Terrace, Watford, Herts Robert Christopher WIGZELL (deceased) Builder
HOSIER Sarah 57 Widow   17 Mabel Road William KING (deceased) Blacksmith
24 July 1899 WILSON James Henry 22 Bachelor Clerk Midland Railway 39 College Road Thomas Bagshaw WILSON Signalman L.& N.W. Railway
HAYNES Ellen 30 Spinster   39 College Road William HAYNES Bootmaker
30 July 1899 DEAN David 23 Bachelor Baker 63 Pilcroft St George DEAN Labourer
BATCHELOR Dorothy Emma 25 Spinster   63 Pilcroft St Samuel BATCHELOR Labourer
9 August 1899 PERRY Albert 25 Bachelor Painter 9 Duck Mill Lane William PERRY (deceased) Army pensioner
CHAPPELL Margaret Adelaide 28 Spinster   9 Duck Mill Lane George CHAPPELL Labourer
28 August 1899 BOSWORTH Thomas John 29 Bachelor Butcher 31 Cauldwell St Thomas John BOSWORTH (deceased) Farmer
HAMBLING Mary Jane 31 Widow   31 Cauldwell St James BOWDEN (deceased) Builder
28 August 1899 RIGNALL Herbert Garner 26 Bachelor Printer 64 Roupell St, Lambeth Robert RIGNALL Carpenter
GIBBS Lavinia Mary 25 Spinster   2 Millbrook Road George GIBBS Engineer
2 September 1899 LANGLEY Alfred James Yeates 24 Bachelor Carpenter 3 Duck Mill Lane William Yeates LANGLEY Army pensioner
WALLINGER Frances Martha 21 Spinster   12 Fisting Grove, ...ilton, Hants John WALLINGER Shepherd
9 September 1899 SIMMS Edwin Edworth 28 Bachelor Labourer 8 Sandhurst Place William SIMMS Labourer
FOSTER Kate 23 Spinster   8 Sandhurst Place William FOSTER Labourer
5 October 1899 BOWES George Willis 21 Bachelor Licensed victualler 272 High Road, Kilburn, London George William BOWES (deceased) Ship broker
TANSLEY Annie Kate 26 Spinster   25 St Marys Street Henry TANSLEY Butcher
14 November 1899 WATFORD Joseph 28 Bachelor Police officer 39 Althorpe St John WATFORD Labourer
BENDALL Emily 31 Spinster   Harrowden, Cardington Isaac BENDALL Carpenter
11 December 1899 DOWDING William Edward 30 Bachelor Journalist 13 South Park, Lincoln Samuel DOWDING Engineer
TAYLOR Kate 28 Spinster   16 Cauldwell Street, Bedford William Wood TAYLOR (deceased) Builder
12 December 1899 GARNER Thomas 27 Bachelor Fireman 149 Oak St, Burton on Trent William GARNER (deceased) Labourer
GOODIN Mary Elizabeth 23 Spinster   29 Muswell Rd Robert GOODIN Labourer
17 December 1899 PINFOLD William Augustus 22 Bachelor Joiner 20 Muswell Road William John PINFOLD Commercial traveller
BUSHBY Emily Elizabeth 25 Spinster   26 Muswell Road John BUSHBY Painter
24 December 1899 BAKER Horace 24 Bachelor Iron turner 71 Ford End Road Robert BAKER Licensed victualler
TAYLOR Maggie 22 Spinster   15 Little Butts Street William TAYLOR Engine fitter
24 December 1899 BURRIDGE Henry James 22 Bachelor Builder Cauldwell House Henry BURRIDGE Builder
JONES Evelyn Louise 21 Spinster   Cauldwell House John JONES Shipping agent
25 December 1899 ROBERTS Frederick Charles 21 Bachelor Railway guard 25 Britannia Road George ROBERTS Guard Mid. Rail.
WORBY Emma Jane 21 Spinster   29 Edward Road George WORBY Labourer
25 December 1899 LOWE Frederick George Harriss 25 Bachelor Loco. fireman Grimesthorpe, Brightside, York Thomas LOWE Labourer
STEELE Evangelina 25 Spinster   23 Edward Road William STEELE Platelayer
25 December 1899 CAMBERS John 22 Bachelor Smith 8 Cauldwell Place George CAMBERS Labourer
LINFORD Elizabeth Annie 20 Spinster   Ridgmount Street Richard LINFORD (deceased) Striker
25 December 1899 STRINGER Walter Thomas 40 Bachelor Fitter 50 Melbourne St Thomas STRINGER (deceased) Ironmonger
SPRAGG Rose Hannah 27 Spinster   54 Cauldwell St George Jones SPRAGG Smith
25 December 1899 KEMP Charles 60 Widower Moulder 1 Muswell Rd William KEMP (deceased0 Shoemaker
BANDY Sarah 62 Spinster   1 Muswell Rd Joseph BANDY (deceased) Groom
1 January 1900 LITTLE Ebenezer 23 Bachelor Market gardener Blunham, Bedfordshire George LITTLE Market gardener
LAMBERT Ellen 25 Spinster   St Leonards Farm Joseph LAMBERT (deceased) Groom
16 April 1900 COX Charles Harry 24 Bachelor Painter 71 Muswell Road William Harry COX Painter
EMMINGS Nellie 26 Spinster   36 Mabel Road James John EMMINGS Moulder
17 April 1900 WHITEMORE Ernest Thomas 29 Bachelor Merchant's clerk 5 Ashburnham Road. Holy Trinity Parish Thomas WHITEMORE Huntsman
STEWARD Helen Margaret 23 Spinster   2 The Elms, Kempston Road William STEWARD Foreman iron works
15 May 1900 SHARRATT Dick 23 Bachelor Printer 5 Leigh Terrace, Ampthill Road William SHARRATT Joiner
REDMAN Agnes 22 Spinster   Patteshall Street, Holy Trinity Parish Samuel REDMAN (deceased) Engineer
22 May 1900 CANNON William Ernest 26 Bachelor Serg't Beds Reg't 38 Kempston Rd George CANNON (deceased0 Inspector Gt. N. Railway
JACKSON Catherine Mary 20 Spinster   38 Kempston Rd Esau Clark JACKSON  
8 July 1900 STOCK Bertram 22 Bachelor Labourer 18 Great Butts St William STOCK Labourer
WORTH Alice Beatrice 21 Spinster   18 Great Butts St Joseph WORTH (deceased) Labourer
10 July 1900 ROBINSON John 56 Widower Licensed victualler Clarence Hotel, St Johns St Joseph ROBINSON (deceased) Harness maker
KEMP Ellen Maude 34 Widow   Clarence Hotel, St Johns St Thomas HANDLEY (deceased) Licensed victualler
10 July 1900 GILLHAM Frank Kershaw 24 Bachelor Draper 20 Milton Avenue, Highgate, Middlesex Joseph GILLHAM Gentleman
BAKER Mary Gertrude 25 Spinster   St Marys Buildings Thomas BAKER Stationer
17 July 1900 DRACUP Edmund Dennis 20 Bachelor Printer Darwen, Lancashire Edmund DRACUP Journalist
WOODING Elizabeth Sarah 21 Spinster   7 Bedesmans Place William Thomas WOODING Butcher
7 August 1900 PAYNE Walter Oscar 28 Bachelor Engineer's pattern maker 6 Millbrook Road Henry PAYNE Pawnbroker
GIBBS Louisa Hannah 23 Spinster   2 Millbrook Road George GIBBS Engineer
12 August 1900 RICHARDS Albert Harper 23 Bachelor Clerk Ordnance Survey 42 Britannia Rd Albert RICHARDS Painter
BISHOP Charlotte Emily 25 Spinster   2 Castle Hill Cottages, St Pauls    
13 August 1900 DAVIS Arthur John 33 Bachelor Stone mason Old Market, Wisbech, Cambs William John DAVIS (deceased) Stone mason
CRANE Ellen 24 Spinster   County Hospital Lodge Francis CRANE Gardener
4 September 1900 BARNES Alfred 27 Bachelor Post Office official 9 Bengsworth Road, Camberwell, London William BARNES Merchant's clerk
PEET Emily 22 Spinster   29 College Road Alfred PEET Labourer
4 September 1900 BARNES Jeffries Thomas 35 Widower Plumber 13 Holme Street Thomas BARNES (deceased) Gardener
DING Elizabeth 33 Spinster   26 Rothsay Road, St Cuthberts Parish Thomas DING (deceased) Shepherd
5 September 1900 MEINERTZHAGEN Louis Maria Joseph Augustus 23 Bachelor Engineer Lilford House, Bexley Heath, Kent Edward MEINERTZHAGEN Drudggist
THOMLINSON Amy Elizabeth 25 Spinster   42 St Leonards Avenue Joseph THOMLINSON (deceased) Solicitor's clerk
23 September 1900 BOWLER Thomas Theophilus 21 Bachelor Bricklayer 16 Dorset Road, Upton Park, Essex Thomas BOWLER Labourer
BARLEY Lily Cecilia 23 Spinster   7 Derwent Place Richard Charles BARLEY (deceased) Soldier
1 October 1900 JONES Samuel Herbert 28 Bachelor Rivetter in iron works 46 Mabel Road Samuel Henry JONES (deceased) Market gardener
ROBINSON Ellen 31 Spinster   40 Muswell Road John ROBINSON (deceased) Labourer
14 November 1900 STATHAM Henry Arthur 25 Bachelor Clerk Mid Railway 35 Victoria Rd Theophilus George STATHAM Inspector Mid Railway
FRANKLIN Lilian May 22 Spinster   22 Maitland St, St Pauls Thomas FRANKLIN Painter
19 November 1900 REYNOLDS George Arthur 22 Bachelor Machinist 29 Britannia Rd Frederick REYNOLDS Baker
GAWTHROP Mabel Elizabeth 24 Spinster   29 Britannia Rd Laurence GAWTHROP Gardener
26 November 1900 EDWARDS Arthur 28 Bachelor Chemist St Saviours, Paddington, 288 Maida Vale, Elgin Avenue John EDWARDS Gentleman
CHETHAM Alice 25 Spinster   Holme St Robert Holden CHETHAM Boatbuilder
19 December 1900 DELDERFIELD Fred 22 Bachelor Police constable Moseley Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham Samuel DELDERFIELD Farmer
CAPON Alice Harriett 22 Spinster   10 Britannia Rd Thomas CAPON Labourer
24 December 1900 GRATTIDGE William Albert 30 Bachelor Draper Cavendish House, The Promenade, Cheltenham Edwin GRATTIDGE (deceased) Gentleman
HAINES Kathleen 20 Spinster   24 Cardington Rd John HAINES Teacher of music
24 December 1900 PEDRICK William John 23 Bachelor Serg't Scots Guards Wellington Barracks, Westminster James Pote PEDRICK Publican
BERRINGTON Rosa 24 Spinster   36 Melbourne St George BERRINGTON Labourer
24 December 1900 CAPON Herbert James 24 Bachelor Labourer 10 Britannia Rd Thomas CAPON Labourer
HAWKES Sarah Ann 24 Spinster   10 Britannia Rd James HAWKES Labourer
24 December 1900 HAWKES William James 30 Bachelor Labourer 10 Britannia Rd James HAWKES Labourer
EMMINS Clara 26 Spinster   10 Britannia Rd William EMMINS Coal merchant
25 December 1900 PANTER Henry George 22 Bachelor Carman 41 Muswell Road    
DENTON Lizzie Matilda 19 Spinster   41 Muswell Road    
25 December 1900 WALLIS William Charles 20 Bachelor Fitter 5 Sandhurst Place Thomas Taylorson WALLIS Labourer
PACK Margaret 18 Spinster   13 Bunyan Road Joel PACK Carpenter
26 December 1900 KINGSTON Joseph 46 Widower Baker 38 Pilcroft St Joseph KINGSTON deceased Farmer
SMITH Annie Elizabeth 42 Widow   8 Britannia Place Benjamin MARTIN deceased Smith
27 January 1901 DOWNING Edward 22 Bachelor Labourer 27 Great Butts St William DOWNING Shepherd
SHERWOOD Mary Lizzie 27 Spinster   27 Great Butts St Charles SHERWOOD deceased Bricklayer
6 February 1901 BERRIDGE Frederick 22 Bachelor Mid Railway fireman 8 Sandhurst Road John BERRIDGE Boiler smith
NOTLEY Ellen Catherine 22 Spinster   8 Sandhurst Road Henry NOTLEY Labourer
12 February 1901 BARTRAM Alfred 20 Bachelor Labourer 3 Bedesmans Place Frederick BARTRAM Labourer
BROWN Amy 20 Spinster   3 Bedesmans Place Joseph BROWN Labourer
25 February 1901 SCARBOROUGH Arthur John 25 Bachelor Fireman Mid Railway 7 ?t Butts St John SCARBOROUGH Labourer
BAVINGTON Florence Mary 21 Spinster   27 Houghton Road Alfred Edwin BAVINGTON Labourer
10 March 1901 PAYNE Harry 22 Bachelor Labourer 57 Pilcroft St Thomas PAYNE Labourer
PANTER Emma Elizabeth 21 Spinster   57 Pilcroft St Harry PANTER (deceased) Maltster